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Veterinary Medical Center of Central NY

Company Overview

The Veterinary Medical Center of Central NY is a privately owned 24hr ER/Specialty hospital in East Syracuse, NY.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality emergency, specialty, and complementary care in an efficient, compassionate, and collaborative manner; to support our clients through the process of treating their sick pets with kindness and understanding; to be an extension of the primary care veterinarian’s role in the treatment process by providing advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options; and to give our healthcare team the support that they need to be able to achieve these goals.


Our patients’ health and quality of life are our central focus. We work with the pet parent to generate an individualized treatment plan that provides the best outcome for that patient. We honor the pet parents’ goals for their pets, and we respect the primary care veterinarian’s role in the pet’s health management plan.

Employee health and wellbeing is a priority. Finding time to disconnect and re-center ourselves is key to remaining well balanced and effective in our professional roles. Veterinary Medical Center of CNY provides tools and a schedule necessary to support such balance, and, given that, employees are accountable for the energy they bring to the work place. We remain dedicated in our efforts to provide a place of employment that empowers employees to create a career path that is professionally fulfilling and financially rewarding. We challenge each and every staff member to perform with excellence, no matter the task.

Our love for pets requires we do our best to help them stay healthy and maintain a good quality of life, both within the home and the community. We are dedicated to serving pet parents as well as other animal welfare agencies within the community. We strive to protect the innocent from harm and to help heal those who have suffered.

For our patients, for our team, and for our community, we show up, work hard and are kind. Every day.

Company History

Founded in 2002, VMCCNY was the first 24hr ER/Specialty hospital in the Syracuse area, and it remains the only 24hr ER/Specialty hospital in the great Syracuse city area. The practice was founded by a Surgeon and a Radiologist, and in 2018 the practice was sold to Dr. Maureen Luschini VMD, DACVECC, the founder of the VMC's Critical Care Service and hospital's Medical Director. We are proud to be privately owned in today's corporate climate, and we plan to remain a private entity. Dr. Luschini is working with a few banks to help develop an ownership tract the enables a successful transition to associates in the future.

Notable Accomplishments / Recognition

Only 24 hr ER/Specialty hospital in greater Syracuse, NY area
Strong proven focus on employee well-being and work-life balance
Leader in ER Immersion Program for new grads - mentored graduated intro to ER for non-intern trained grads
Competitive salaries and benefits package
Strong rehabilitation service with lead technician, Lis Conarton LVT, VTS (rehab), CCRP, CVPP, renown author and lecturer

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